Personalized service

Quality, trust, professionalism and seriousness are the hallmark of IBERWELL

Service adapted to the needs of each client

Contracting Iberwell implies to receive a personalized service of quality, adapted to the peculiar needs of each Client, carrying out all the works with seriousness and professionalism.

Who are our customers?

Since 2013, we have been present in the main clients of the Spanish defense, aeronautics and space market: the Ministry of Defense, the industries of the sector and the aeronautical operators have given us their confidence.

Iberwell’s commitment to its Clients is to provide a quality service, guaranteeing confidentiality in all its actions as well as compliance with applicable regulations at national and international level.


The components or parts provided by Iberwell, will always be accompanied by supporting documentation that guarantees its history and provenance.


Iberwell offers its customers a comprehensive service and improves the supply of material, through the representation of manufacturers of aircraft material.

Added value for our customers

  • Reduces the management effort of the final client organization.
  • Facilitates communication between supplier-client.
  • Reduce waiting times, in the logistics process.

Generation of Value with the companies represented

  • The staff working at Iberwell has more than 30 years of experience in the aeronautical market, both in the defense and commercial sectors.
  • Likewise, it offers the ability to communicate, network of national contacts and its experience in distribution and tracking of orders.

Mechanical systems

Motor TFE731 Turbofan Engine

Motor TPE331 Turboprop Engine

APU´s Series


Pratt & Whitney

  • JT15D
  • PW100 / 200 / 210 / 300 / 500
  • PT6A / PT6B / PT6C / PT6T

Rolls – Royce

  • Spey
  • Tay
  • BR710
  • M250
  • RR30

General Electric

  • CT7 / CF34


  • GTCP 36 series / GTCP 331-200/250
  • RE100 / RE220
  • PW901



Pratt & Whitney Canada

  • PT6A / PT6T / PT6C-67
  • PW100
  • JT15D

Rolls Royce Models 250 / RR300


  • Honeywell 36 – 100/150

  • Honeywell 331 – 200/250

  • Pratt & Whitney PW901A/C

  • Hamilton Sundstrand 62T-40-1

Mechanical systems



Support Equipment








–Implementation of plans to identify and mitigate risk when parts, parts, equipment and software become obsolete.


–Fight against fire

–Medical emergencies and civil protection

–Works and air transport

–Engineering and maintenance