Aeronautical Consulting

Experince, independence and credibility.

Rapid and effective response to the needs of its customers.

Since 2013, Iberwell has provided business consulting services in the aeronautics, defense and space markets, based on its experience, independence and credibility.

Aeronautical Consulting

Iberwell offers consulting services aimed at operators of civil or military aircraft and the rest of the aeronautical industry.
Consulting services include:

  • MRO market research.
  • Fleet Evaluation through documentary analysis and physical evaluation.
  • Preparation of critical information.
  • Environment analysis .
  • Development of Commercial Strategies in the MRO market.
  • Development of cooperation programs.
  • Participation in consortium.
  • Support for the implementation of airworthiness management organizations.
  • Analysis studies to Improve Organizations efficiency in the aeronautical field.
  • Support to the Acquisition and sale of Aircraft.

Pioneering company in the aeronautics, defense and space market.